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Attorney Hiring Tips

Workers Compensation

When To Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney



When you have been injured in the workplace and wondering whether to hire a workers compensation attorney in Greenville, the answer depends on the degree of your injury and the complete view of your situation. Some injuries do not require the assistance of a lawyer. Tiny cuts, twisted ankle and minor workplace injuries which did not cause you to miss plenty of working days do not need to be such a huge issue, especially if your employer is cooperating.



The situation becomes complicated when you have had a serious injury and the employer rejects your accident claim. Some employers and workers compensations insurers decline claims knowing that if they stretch out the waiting period of a certain timeframe, the worker will just let go of the appeal, which is what usually happens. In such instance, you deserve the assistance of a competent Greenville workers compensation lawyer. You do not have to pay any upfront cost when you hire a lawyer, and it gives you the best chance to get a fair settlement for the injuries you sustained.



Another instance you can use a workers compensation attorney in Greenville is when you think that the settlement you are offered is not sufficient to cover your medical bills nor to compensate for the lost wages. Most compensation insurers offer a much lower settlement than what should be the right amount, and many injured workers accept it thinking it is okay as long as the insurance pays. When you think you should receive a better settlement, consult with a compensation lawyer.



Dire circumstances such as permanent partial disability or worse still permanent total disability entitles you to a lifetime payment to compensate for your lost wages. This type of cases cost insurance companies a lot, so they would often try to find ways to lower the claim or refuse payment. You would need the assistance of a capable and experienced compensation lawyer to establish your medical condition and to get the best settlement possible.



There are cases when you receive retaliation from the management because of the compensation claim you filed. Maybe your working hours were shortened, you received a pay cut or experienced discrimination either the management or any of your co-employees. This situation should be consulted to a compensation lawyer from ramey law firm. Hiring one is your best chance to getting the fairest settlement from the injury you received. It would ensure that you have sufficient means for your medical bills as well as something to sustain you during your recovery.